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305 Maple St., Endicott, NY

George F. Johnson - Post 1700 (607-785-1700)


Post 1700 Officers

Monthly meeting 1st Tuesday 7:00 PM

(Underlined name denotes an email address)

 Commander Vic Hand
 1st Vice Commander Joseph Irons 
 2nd Vice Commander Ron Reece
 3rd Vice Commander Joe LoParco
Adjutant Joseph Irons 
 Treasurer Joseph Irons 
 Chaplain  Barbara Beebe
 Sgt-At-Arms Joe Loparco

Service Officer


Victor Hand










Square Deal Homeowners Association

Monthly meeting 2nd Thursday after Post meeting 6:30 PM

   President Joseph Irons  Serve till 
  Vice President Ron Reece
   Secretary Joe Irons
   Finance Officer  
  Bar/Activities Chairman Ron Reece
  Bar Co-Chairman Vic Hand
  Bell Jar Chairman Bob Haynes
  House Chairman  
  House  Co-Chairman  
  Hall/Pavilion Rental Gary King/Diana Hamm
  Board Member Dave Willaims
  Board Member Darrel Brink
  Board Member Barb Beebe
  Board Member Vic Hand
  Board Member Ken VanDermark
  Board Member Jackie Reece
  Board Member Gary Denmon
  Kitchen Chairman Harold (Shorty) Farr



Monthly meeting 1st Tuesday 7:00 PM

 President  Jackie Reece
 1st Vice President  Sandy Denmon
 2nd Vice President  Sandy Potter
 Historian  Penny Hudy
 Treasurer  Maggie Gagliardi
 Chaplain  Marion Koffell
 Secretary Marie Williams 
 Sgt-At-Arms  Florence Frisbie








Sons of the Legion

Monthly meeting 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM

 Commander Gary Denmon
 1st Vice Commander Gary Robinson
 Adjutant Tom Esposito
 Treasurer  Dave Barkofsky
 Chaplain Dave Gagliardi
 Sgt-At-Arms  Harold (Shorty) Farr
 Advisor Phil Dillenbeck 



Legion Riders 

Monthly meeting 1st Wednesday 7:00 PM

Director Ed Robinson
Vice Director Darrell Brink
Secretary/Membership Gary King
Treasurer Carol Long
Road Captain Darrell Brink
Sgt-At-Arms Ken Vandermark
Historian/Web Master Jeremy Frederick
Chaplain Doug Adams



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